Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Training video in Adobe site to learn Flex in a week

Adobe proving the video tutorials in adobe site to learn Flex technology.

Quote from the website:

"Learn Flex in a week by going through this video training course. To maximize your learning, we recommend that you view the videos and complete the exercises in the order that they are listed. If you run into problems and have questions, you can ask a question on the Flex in a Week forum."

Day 1:  Flex basics
Day 2:  Component development
Day 3:  Putting it all together
Day 4:  Adding visual appeal
Day 5:  Architecture and advanced topics

Flex in a Week requirements:

Prerequisite knowledge:
Basic programming concepts, processes, and constructs

Required product:

Flash Builder 4.5 Premium (Trial download)

To view and learn visit the link Flex in a Week Video Training

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Unknown June 7, 2013 at 5:44 AM  

Hi, I’ve been working on a sybase/java/flex app and the flex part is new to me, thanks for the videos, please keep me posted about new resources and events, particularly in the midwest, Thanks again. For more interesting information click here.

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