Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Greater than comparison in Freemarker tags

In Freemarker we can test the lesser than condition directly  .
<#if value1 < valu2>
    value1 is less than value2

But we can't do the same for greater than (>) in freemarker tag like

//Wrong method
<#if value1 > valu2>
    value1 is greater than value2

The above one is wrong because the first occurrence of  > sign will close the <#if condition. so for this we need to use either one of the following methods

 Correct Method 1:
 <#if (value1 > value2)> 
   value1 is greater than value2

Correct Method 2:

 <#if value1  &gt; value2>
   value1 is greater than value2

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