Saturday, January 03, 2009

Modify Height and Width of Popup Date-Chooser-Calendar in Flex-DateField

The DateField control is a text field that shows the date with a calendar icon.When clicking on this calendar icon the DateChooser calendar will open.
When the DateChooser control is open, the user can scroll through months and years, and select a date. When a date is selected, the DateChooser control closes, and the text field shows the selected date.

This DateChooser will open in its default size,but our applications need some different different size DateChooser.there is no provision in flex to achieve this.

To set the Custom size to DateChooser's Calendar explicitly you have to render the mx.controls.DateField

The following example shows how you can change the default deafult height and width of DateChooser's -calendar appears in a DateField control in Flex .

ActionScript Code :

public class DateField extends mx.controls.DateField
public function DateField()
override protected function commitProperties():void
dropdown.width = 100;
dropdown.height = 100;
dropdown.yearNavigationEnabled = true;

This simple code do the can expand the above code for changing other default properties also.

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